Go Outside [Part II]

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

I feel from THE LORD YESHUA, that the previous Revelation about going outside can be applied in more than one way. Praying outside of the box, repenting outside of the box, having faith that's spawned from knowing that GOD is not inside of the box, but that HE IS THE CREATOR. HE's outside of infinity.

Infinity, though it is infinity and it is outside, is even symbolic, because GOD ALMIGHTY THE MOST HIGH YESHUA cannot be contained inside of infinity. That's mind boggling! HE is beyond infinity. Infinity is just something that helps us towards the understanding of HIS immenseness until we are brought, by HIM, to a level where we are able to realize that HE's beyond that concept.

I was on a jobsite once and given keys to a school. I tried to open a closet to replace a light inside and the key became stuck fast in the lock. I was already having enough problems on that site, getting a key broken in a lock would have costed the company lots of time, money and embarrassment and with the politics of that particular crew the last thing I wanted was to be the guy who got the customers keys stuck in the lock in the middle of the night. I worked at the key praying all the while coming close to breaking it for close to 20 minutes with no results. Then in desperation, I cried directly into THE HEAVENS will all of the feeling in my heart. Instantly, I felt a surge of power go through my body, through my arm and took control of my arm and, it was like GOD ALMIGHTY grabbed the key with my own hand and shook and pulled the key roughly and it came right out. From the beginning of the flow of power to the removal of the key was less than a second. I had been praying that GOD would do something supernaturally, however, I never thought that was going to happen and in that way. I just thought the key was going to come out when I tried. It was almost like HIS POWER took over my arm and muscles and controlled my hand then THE POWER went out from my hand, through the key and lifted something in the lock. It was a miracle A lot of people don't think that would happen. GOD does things that we can't comprehend, and HE can do even do things without them being supernatural as we all often experience, but still know it is GOD ALMIGHTY. HE has infinite methods and there's nothing that HE can't untangle because HE is infinite. Any situation no matter how sticky, complex, tight, impossible, complicated and difficult it is, is too hard for THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. So, the revelation of true outsideness applied to faith is having faith based off of knowing that GOD is not in the box.

There is contentment in knowing that you're outside of the box. You have a new perspective on life and goals, where you aren't chasing after, worrying about, or stressing over mundane things, but feel joyful and happy as the result of stepping outside of the box. By realizing that your life is trillions of years old, and you're just in a tiny slither of a season. That a parable of earth's seasons are that spiritual seasons in your life change whether you want them to or not. They're there for 'just a season'. If you hate winter, just wait and spring will arrive whether you fight for it or not. That's part of GOD's parable about seasons in our lives, seasons of restoration, seasons of testing of our faith, seasons of rest, etc., you can do what you want, the seasons always change, outside of your control. You can't stay in the same season, it's going to change anyway. And knowing that you're in eternity. It changes your perspective, knowing how big, eternity is, it changes your perspective. Looking at the pleasures that you want verses knowing that the pleasures that GOD creates and HIMSELF is, are infinitely varied and different and better. So much so that the world's greatest pleasures are minor, very minute, minor pleasantries. Like if you're a creature who eats the bark of a tree and you can kind of enjoy the flavor a little bit and you get used to it then all of a sudden you find the leaves. Or like you're an animal who eats leaves from off of the tree and then all of a sudden you come across a piece of fruit, you're like I don't really want the leaves anymore and definitely not the bark, this fruit is so much better. Then after you get a season of eating fruit you somehow end up at a 5 star buffet, you'd think, I don't really want to go back to that tree anymore and so the difference is dramatic. It's like you have a few little friends in elementary school vs marriage and family when everything is just right. The shift is like this world, verses the KINGDOM OF CHRIST, the shift will be so tremendous you will think to yourself, "Really? I was really almost going to hell over those little things?! Oh wow!".

Consider when John the Baptist was out in the wilderness. They all were symbols of CHRIST because CHRIST went out into the wilderness and HE often would stay out in the wilderness. That was symbolic, HE came into this world, like HE would come into people's houses or towns, but HE stayed outside both naturally and spiritually. HE stayed out of this world. HE came in for a period of time and did work for 33yrs. …then HE left. HE's resurrected so HE has HIS physical body, therefore, HE can come into this world at any time, but HE's staying outside of this world until the appropriate time. That's why those who were symbols of CHRIST in THE HOLY BIBLE also went out into wildernesses. Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Elijah, John the Baptism, they all went and entered the location of their ministry from outside. Out of the household of Pharaoh, out of the household of their parents, they went outside of their family, outside of their nation, outside of their people, outside of human establishment, outside of Egypt and that's where they found GOD ALMIGHTY. Likewise, we have to go outside. Not just outside by just going outside physically, yeah that's a start, go outside, get out of the house, you've probably been cooped up in the house all day. Go outside in churches, get out of the four walls and get out there and minister in the streets. Most of the ministry is outside of the building. YESHUA GOD ALMIGHTY had an upper room facility which was like the first CHRISTian Church building, but that was not the centerpiece of the ministry. The majority of the time that's where the HE and the disciples met to praise, worship, do communion, and to listen to sermons, but most of the work, the most important work was outside. That's where the sheep are, that's where they were getting fed actually, out there, outside.

It's like people who get stuck in one little town, and they hardly go anywhere. They go to their favorite restaurant, they go to the movies, then they go back home, though there's countries, nations all over the world that you can go to. It's so many things that you can see and experience, why be stuck in one little bitty area? Additionally, someone who travels all over the world, can't consider their travels as going outside even physically because there's planets and galaxies. When I look up in the sky I used to feel like I was going to go crazy. Like I would just explode if I couldn't get to the moon or to a star. I wanted to be an astronaut so bad because I wanted to go outside. I wanted to not be limited. I was looking at the stars and the moon from the ground and would think, how do I get up there? Just to have something that you can't touch. Everything in this world, mostly you can get to. That's why people explore, because they want to go Outside. They want to go into CHRIST. They want to go into HIS infinity; into HIS unlimitedness.

If something thinks they can rebel, "we'll just rebel and get our technology and go out into the universe and start are own...". You only have so many sensors in your body; you are still are inside. It doesn't matter where you go in the universe, you're still inside. Your brain can only conceive of so many things, there's only so many possibilities that you have. It doesn't matter if you travel to the farthest galaxy, eventually you'll get sick of travelling the galaxies. Do you know how many galaxies there are? how many star systems there are? They would think "this is getting old". They would probably stop travelling before they finish. People think they'll continue to explore the universe, but they don't realized how big it is. You're thinking you're really going to travel to trillions, upon trillions, upon trillions, upon trillions of star systems? No you're not. You're going to go through so many and they're going to be like exploring every grain of sand. Yes scientists look at some dirt and sand, but they're not going to explore every single piece of sand on earth and GOD likens the stars in the sky to the sand in the earth. They aren't going to explore every star system no more than they'll explore every grain of sand on the earth. It's that many stars. They'll literally become exhausted with it and see no purpose in continuing on. They wouldn't even explore a billion star systems, let alone trillions, upon trillions, upon trillions, upon trillions. So, you think you're going to go out there and become free from GOD to do whatever you want...you're inside of the universe. You're in the same set of laws where there's gravity and molecules and GOD could flip everything on you and make the foundation different than molecular.

It's a whole concept and philosophy that when you go inside of CHRIST, you're going outside of everything else, there you have infinity, there you have true contentment, true peace, you can't have contentment inside of the world, because it's not enough stuff inside. Go outside.

HE is beyond infinity, the rule of Love is not limited at all, it's liberating, it will take you out of your cooped up existence and into the outside in GOD ALMIGHTY...where it's infinite. Where there can be contentment. Where there's no need for sin because of infinite pleasures and possibilities that come only from GOD who is not sin, so the temptations you have now will never be able to compete out there. It all will be boring compared to it. I wouldn't care if you're addicted to heroine, the pleasures of HEAVEN are so great that one taste and you'll be instantly bored with heroine. Instantly bored with it! So, you have to go outside of your entire being, of your old philosophy. We're cooped up in the house spiritually, playing games like kids stuck fast to the screen watching TV shows or stuck playing video games for the newer generations and GOD wants us to say to each other, "hey would you put that down and come outside?".

We have to put this down, but we're so caught up in the problems and the stresses of the people on our jobsites, and what we're going to do for today and our plans and how our plans are going to work. That we would just drop all that and just go outside. "We'll I'm worried about..." hey you're going to go outside one day when you die. Then what about all that stuff that you're worried about? I remember when my old man, told me that something happened and he ended up in the hospital for a few months with a hernia or something, and he said, "you know, I used to be so worried about everything, what I had to get done, all of my business that I had to get done and I realized that being in the hospital for the three months..." and I quote him, "Life goes on". He was so worried about "I gotta get this and I gotta get that and I gotta..." and you find yourself in a situation where you can't do any of it if you want to. "You think everything is going to fall apart if you stop or if you ended up in the hospital, but life goes on," that's what he said. He came out and said "life was waiting for me". We get all tangled up in "I gotta gotta gahahahah", and when you end up dead it's done...life goes on. He said that he though that he was going to fall apart if his dad died...but he died, and as he said, "life went on". He said he used to always go to his father for advice for things, but life went on. I myself felt like I just could not, like I just was not going to allow it, like, "this is not going to happen, he's not going to die" but when he passed on, he didn't die on me, he's still very much alive in HEAVEN, he was right, life continued on, it didn't stop. So, whatever we think we're hanging on to, it doesn't matter because when you are forced outside, when you die, you're going outside.

It's almost like GOD said, "ok, you're done, you've been playing those video games all day long" and a day is symbolic for your lifetime. You wake up and come into this world, the sun is up and then the sun starts coming down and it's the dark evil days and then you go to sleep if you're in CHRIST YESHUA GOD ALMIGHTY, to be woke up the next morning resurrected. You spend the entire day playing video games and GOD says, "ok you've spent the entire day playing video games. It's time for you to go outside." and you're like "oh no!". What are you going to do? What are you going to say?

"No GOD I'm not dying, not right now I have too much to do!"

"You're going outside buddy!"

"No, I'm trying to finish this game"

"Nope, you're going outside"

"I've got to, I've gotta finish this, I've got to finish this I've got to! Aw, DAD I gotta finish this DAD! I gotta finish this"


What are you gonna do then, when HE requires your life, and you go out into The Great Outdoors? All that stuff that's in this world is not going to matter anymore, so you might as well go outside now. Don't get attached to it.

You can go outside while you're inside because, GOD is infinite. So going outside doesn't necessarily mean only, dropping everything. You can drop everything and still have things in your hand. You see, it's just a matter of letting go of everything, because infinity only exists in GOD who is love; holding onto LOVE which love IS the dropping of things, because true love is not an emotion or a feeling. It's the act of doing for the benefit of others at your expense...without benefit, at your expense. So that requires you giving up your wants, your desires, your needs, your time. You're going to sacrifice something for love and so whatever you're holding onto you have to give up or else you can't enter love. Once you enter love and you start flowing through love and decide, "I'm going to move everything in love. I'm dedicating my life to helping this out, helping that out, helping this cause out, your life instantly becomes more outdoors."

Like Pastor Dr. Martin Luther King's life, GOD took him outside in certain areas of his life, where he was travelling all over, talking to politicians, Presidents of the US asking permission to get into office, Presidents making deals, "If you get me into office, I'll put this many freedom fighters in my cabinet." Making deals with you! Scheduling massive campaigns, all over, everything about his ministry, most ministers speak as though it's beyond their scope, "Oh well, being on TV everyday, that's beyond my scope", he was on TV everyday. "Having a large congregation...", it was so large it was epic and couldn't even be indoors...huge speeches! "Well meeting the President...", meeting multiple Presidents, having multiple meetings with them. Having power and authority over them, authority to stop wars, the authority to sit down US Presidents and not let them go back into office and causing other Presidents to go into office, this is the authority that Pastor Dr. Martin Luther King was given. Why? Because he moved into love, which was outside of all limits and bounds. Because inside is all self-service. Outside is in CHRIST!

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