Why Do We Want to Go Outside? [Part One]

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Why do people want to go outside in the sun after being inside all day? There's something deeper in being that makes us want to, as you couldn't simulate it and be ok. You couldn't just make a gigantic room with a bunch of artificial lights; they would still feel the need to after a while to want to go outside. When you go outside, it's unlimited openness and space. You look up and even though you may not know for sure. Deep inside you know that it's unlimited openness, it feels open and refreshing, it's called "outside", it's where you build things and it's the great outdoors, but what is outside? Unlimited openness; literally you can go on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on, and on even to outer space in any direction and never come across a barrier.

Why Did GOD Design "Outside" So Immensely Large?

Why did GOD design it so immensely? The HOLY SPIRIT revealed unto me, that it's symbolic, for GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF. HE is THE GREAT OUTDOORS OF THE WORLD; HE is where you can be free. When you are in this world, you may be underneath the rule of a company, an institution, sickness, addiction or feel stuck inside of a country and that's why some people when they have had enough of their country, they want to get out and go to a different country and sometimes people, after things get so bound up in society with human rules and regulations, they just want to go out into freedom. Maybe they want to go out and build a cabin or they want to just go out fishing or they want to go out on the ocean in a sailboat or they want to just be free! They want to go outside spiritually and the great outdoors is the closest illustration GOD has given us in this realm...for HIMSELF...THE BREATH OF FRESH AIR that our soul is truly longing for.

When you see the sky outside, that sky is symbolic for true outsideness, and true outsideness people seek not just by going outside of their house. Some people seek it by having a vehicle, or a motorcycle on the open highway, some people seek it by renouncing their citizenship and others seek it by quitting their job and deciding to boondock, or just to step outside and have a breath of fresh air. it's a sense of outsideness and freedom.

Now this is the thing, you still see the blue-sky during the daytime, though you have unlimitedness. If you see a color it’s usually because there’s a ceiling or other limit, that is, not unlimited outsideness. Nevertheless, THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY YESHUA arranged it where you do have unlimited outsideness, and you do still see the color of Heaven, that's symbolic that GOD is the law the rule, but HE is so immense that you are able to feel free under HIS rule.

When people feel like they're rebelling, and satanists and other idiots that are claiming to be free from GOD’s law of love, they don't realize that they only have a set of 6 different toys in front of them. One toy is called sight, one toy is called touch, one toy is called taste, one called smell and basically you have the senses and each one is a toy in this parable. They want to feel free to play with those few little 5 or 6 toys and they feel like if they can't do what they want with those 5 or 6 toys that they're not free. That they have to get away from GOD so that they can do what they want with those 5 or 6 toys, but they don't realize that GOD not only is the one who created the toys, but HE is the unlimited source, so they actually are sticking themselves into a box of 5 toys, where they think they are free, but they are boxed into 5 toys, and so it's better to be underneath GOD's rule if you're a child in this parable and have infinite toys, than to be outside and you only have 5 toys.

Existence is infinitely expansive and Psalm 102:25-26 reads that, GOD ALMIGHTY will change the heavens like clothes when the HEAVENS get old, but HIS WORD YESHUA GOD ALMIGHTY shall remain the same. HE's so immense that HE can keep you under THE WORD and you still be infinitely free.

What is Infinity?

When we study calculus, infinity can be infinitely large or infinitesimally small. There are infinite points between the number 1 and the number 2. So, you can be within the rule of number 1 and number 2 and never exhaust every number possibility. Have infinite number possibilities and for eternity you can just be trying all kinds of number possibilities and never exhaust all of your number possibilities though you’re still within the rule of the numbers 1 and 2. Similarly, GOD can have you within HIS rule and still have infinite possibilities within the rule of LOVE, but satanists, and everyone that tries to rebel against GOD take themselves away from infinity and stick themselves into a box and that's why a lot of satanists are so miserable. When they sell their soul to the devil, they try every toy, they say we're going to maximize everything.

Just think about the 2 sensors in a man's body, he has a sensor coming out of his mouth at the top of his body and the sensor coming out from in between his legs at the bottom of his body. These are 2 sensors, like in our toy parable, and these sensors connect to the brain and the brain produces so many different forms and varieties of pleasure that between those 2 sensors maybe combined with the eye, men will steal, kill, destroy, do all kinds of terrible things to satisfy those two sensors, all the different types of foods and flavors and all the different types of sexual activities, and they don't ever think about it...they're two sensors. You want to freedom from GOD and HE's the one who gave you those two sensors. HE invented those 2 sensors, “I wanna get away from GOD so I can eat what I want and do what I want and sleep with all different kinds of women and do all this”, the only pleasure you're getting out of that is out of those sensors and who gave you the sensors? HE invented the sensors so HE can invent sensors that will make every sensor in your body boring. So, the satanists will sell their soul to the devil, they'll try every drug they'll do every kind of sexual thing they can do, try every food combination then they get bored, because they'll realize that well. Just like anything the crave is more pleasurable than the fulfillment, once you get everything, everything except for GOD because HE is infinity and only with infinity can the satisfaction be greater than the crave because you can't get your mind to crave what you haven't experienced and an infinite experience is always fulfilling. GOD ALMIGHTY gave this to a once very wise man named King Solomon who said concerning this and I paraphrase not quote,

"I said in mine heart, go to now, I will prove thee with pleasure, therefore enjoy pleasure: and, behold, this also is pointless and vain. whatsoever mine eyes desired I kept not from them, I withheld not my heart from any joy...Then I looked on all the works that my hands had wrought, ...and, behold, all was pointless, worthless, vain...I hated life; ...for all is pointless a waste of time and vexation of spirit.” Ecc 2:1,10-11, 17."

Lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of GOD look around and say, “I've gotten the best that this world has to offer; I feel free to do whatever I want in this little box of a world” and then they get bored. Beautiful women don't look beautiful anymore, they just look like women, sex doesn't feel good to them anymore, it's just something to do. Drugs don't get them high enough anymore, the food can't taste good enough it gets boring and everything is just...adjusted, because that's what you do you, acclimate, the only thing you could never acclimate yourself to is infinity so no matter what you do until you come under the blue sky, that is the rule of GOD ALMIGHTY, you're never outside, your always...in a box.

You see, true freedom doesn't come from trying to run into what you think freedom is, true freedom comes only in a relationship with the Creator which is Truth, in The Gospel of John, “YESHUA saith unto him, I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, and THE LIFE:...And ye shall know THE TRUTH, and THE TRUTH shall make you free.” GOD ALMIGHTY doesn't need to remove HIS rules to give you infinite possibilities. There are infinite ways that you can love HIM with all your heart mind soul and strength and love each other as CHRIST loved the Church and love others as yourself, there's infinite ways! You'll never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever exhaust all of the different ways that you can do obey the law of LOVE...never! It's impossible!

We can't think of what to do with eternity because we're not infinite. Our brain can only think of a few different things and never know that GOD can flip everything and take things in a dimensional way that is incomprehensible to us. So, for the sake of common sense since we're in existence because you're here, you exist, look around, you're on this rock we call earth, look outside, hey, that sky is really there, look that's infinite and you're going to be here for eternity.

“When I grow up I wanna...” that's so short sighted, and “what about your retirement”, that's still short-sighted. Do you know that most of your time's going to be spent after you die? So much time of your existence is going to take place after you die that your time here mathematically, doesn't even exist, so it would be stupid to think only or even primarily of our time here, when all of our time is going to be spent after we die, literally, all of our time is going to be spent after we die. I don't care if you're an atheist you have to admit that the vast majority of your existence takes place after you die.

So, for the sake of common sense during our eternity, let's all go outside and let's go all into infinite possibilities in GOD's LOVE the LOVE of YESHUA, THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY JESUS CHRIST! Because when we want to go outside, when we crave a breath of fresh air...it’s because our soul craves THE FREEDOM that though it resembles outside, even the vastness of the stars of the entire universe and beyond...is only truly found in CHRIST YESHUA THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY!

Thank you DADDY! Thank you for the revelation and teaching. I love you in JESUS' NAME Amen.


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