Prophecy of The Anointing of GOD ALMIGHTY

I feel in The HOLY SPIRIT, that Our DADDY, GOD ALMIGHTY is currently, releasing large measures of power. That there's a lighter rein and in this season, HE is expending The Anointing abundantly and liberally. There was season of slight dryness, but this is a time now where CHRISTians need to move forward.

There as an outpouring before when a lot of people were moving in power. I believe this season is similar season. I believe I just heard concerning this season, those who would carry the Anointing are prepared by GOD ALMIGHTY to carry the Anointing and thus have shown themselves worthy of higher portions of HIS Glory. I know the last dry season was partly because of people merchandising The Anointing of GOD ALMIGHTY, the way satan did before he was cast out of HEAVEN.

But now, the saints have generally moved on past the chasing money, get rich phase being purged by The Most High GOD ALMIGHTY. Now, more saints are into just serving YESHUA, and I believe that may possibly have something to do with this Outpouring of HIS HOLY SPIRIT. Not that that causes The Outpouring, but that hindrance is considerably less. I believe that as humans are looking for True Riches in GOD ALMIGHTY's GLORY, and not carnal riches, so we're reaping both.

But I do know for sure that I felt certainly that this is The Message from GOD ALMIGHTY, that there is a looser rein on the release of The Anointing, and that we need to step out and do The Work that GOD ALMIGHTY has called each of us to do. We know we all need to get souls, but I believe that each of the saints have different orders that GOD ALMIGHTY gives us. If you seek and tarry for your orders, if your goal is not power, not greatness, not to grow in ministry, GOD ALMIGHTY will give you clear orders. Your goal should not be to be used. I'll say it again: your goal should not be to be used. Your goal should not be to be great in HIM. Your goal should not be to seek greater wonders and greater signs and greater power, and to be the one that gets used by raising the dead and regenerating limbs, that should not be your goal.

Your goal has to be to win souls, and even more...just to be obedient to GOD ALMIGHTY's Voice and SPIRIT. Because HE IS The Power. So we're being not impressive before GOD ALMIGHTY by wanting more power. All of the angels that fell wanted power. We're not being impressive by our desire to tickle our eyeballs by seeing something that we haven't seen. Because of lack of faith for these larger wonders, when we see them, it tickles the eyeballs, and makes one say, ‘oh, wow, look at what GOD ALMIGHTY's doing here.’ The CHRISTian walk is more important than that. That's why when DADDY YESHUA GOD ALMIGHTY fed the people with those seven loaves and fish, and multitudes came back looking for another banquet, “YESHUA answered them and said, ‘Verily, verily, I say unto you, Ye seek me, not because ye saw the miracles, but because ye did eat of the loaves, and were filled. Labour not for the meat which perisheth, but for that meat which endureth unto everlasting life, which The SON OF MAN shall give unto you: for HIM hath GOD ALMIGHTY The FATHER sealed.’" When they began to ask HIM to teach them to work miracles "YESHUA answered and said unto them, ‘This is the work of GOD ALMIGHTY, that ye believe on HIM whom HE hath sent.’" In other words, The Work of The LORD is not the fish, that means it's not your earthly prosperity and abundance. Neither is it the miracles. That's not The Work of The LORD, just trying to work miracles. The finances and miracles are resources to bring people to THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY YESHUA, paying for events, donating to needs and to causes, freeing them from sicknesses, possessions and the effects of sin, binding hindering spirits, etc. Whether you use them or not, the goal is to bring people to THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY YESHUA; not just to work miracles.

Too much emphasis is put on money and miracles is idolatry. In Number 21:8 GOD ALMIGHTY ordered Moses to make a serpent of bronze that would have miracle healing power and represent GOD ALMIGHTY YESHUA (John 3:14). This same miracle ordered by GOD ALMIGHTY and representing CHRIST had to be cut down in 2 Kings 18:4 by King Hezekiah because the Israelites (prophetic types of The Church) began to burn incense to it (symbolic for praying just for miracles). Concerning this act of Hezekiah, it’s written in the verses directly before and after that, “3…he did that which was right in the sight of the LORD, according to all that David his father did. 5He trusted in the LORD God of Israel; so that after him was none like him among all the kings of Judah, nor any that were before him.” This is a narrow path that can be fallen off in either direction, because if you skip over the miracles, and say, oh, that's only the early church--that’s wrong. If you put all the focus on The Gifts and the wonders--that's wrong as well. It's the same with money; if you skip over the money, 'oh, no, no, we don't deal with money,'--that’s wrong. And the, 'you got to get abundance and, get ready for the transference of finances from the rich of Proverbs 13--that's the wrong goal. The goal is The LORD YESHUA CHRIST.

If you seek YESHUA CHRIST THE LORD for how HE wants you to serve HIM, or how you can bring HIS glory to the world, how you can bring people to souls to CHRIST YESHUA, then GOD ALMIGHTY will indeed show you. HE's shown me through visions and confirmations. HE's made it clear to me. HE'll make it clear to you. But HE has to be The Work, HE must be The goal.

The Anointing and resources needed for what HE tells us to do will be available, as no one in THE HOLY BIBLE was ever recorded as not having enough money to complete their service to GOD ALMIGHTY. It will be a supernatural Anointing that will be undeniable. When you work with that Anointing, you work out of respect for the Anointing. You will respect him. You don't work with the Holy Spirit by only seeking supernatural works instead of being obedient to what HE wants you to do. Nor should we belittle GOD ALMIGHTY in prayer, saying, “oh, GOD ALMIGHTY, show us this level. We want to see this. We want to see more than this,” look, get souls!

I hear prayers like, "show them GOD ALMIGHTY, that YOU can do greater than this, that YOU can do this." Look, you don't need to belittle GOD ALMIGHTY. HE knows what HE's doing. You're the one who's learning. All right? You just seek GOD ALMIGHTY for HIM. You seek GOD ALMIGHTY for how to serve HIM, and how-to bring glory to HIM, and how HE wants to use you in this world. HE will give you the tools and the equipment. Tools and equipment include knowledge, miracles, resources, and when they come, instead of glorifying them, and getting impressed by them, like the miracles are GOD ALMIGHTY. Like the miracle of resurrection of the dead is GOD ALMIGHTY. Like the miracle of regeneration of limbs is GOD ALMIGHTY. Like the financial breakthrough itself GOD ALMIGHTY. Like, The Transference of The Anointing where you can wave your hand, and multitudes are slain in HIS SPIRIT is The Works of GOD ALMIGHTY, but the wonder itself is not a god.

If HE gives you great supernatural gifts, be thankful, and do the work in simplicity and humility, giving all glory to HIM, and be bone obedient to HIM. Our job is to do whatever HE tells us to do. The mission HE's made it clear. HE's bringing in souls. HE's doing many works, but evangelism is one major function. However, in the end, what do we have to do with that? Just do what we're told. Because we don't know if this person's being brought in or not. We don't know if HE wants evangelizing that moment or ha another task for us. We don't know what mission HE wants us to do. Seek HIM for clear orders, and comply with them.

DADDY, I pray everything that I added, that shouldn't have been is taken away, and everything that I did not add that I should have, be added. I pray everything that I got wrong be corrected. I pray that you'll give us understanding and bind misunderstandings, and I pray, daddy, all this only in according to your will and pleasure. In The Almighty Name of YESHUA, The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. Thank you, DAD. I love you, YESHUA. In the name of The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY YESHUA, I pray. Amen.

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