What It Means to Be In Your Flesh

I need to do a teaching about how the devil changes words as GOD showed me that he changes words to leak power and then deceive us and to make us use power falsely. But one word that THE HOLY GHOST just showed me that he changed was the flesh and THE SPIRIT.

The devil convinced people that there's being in your flesh, there's being in THE SPIRIT, and then there's a gray area in between where that's just being you. Where you're being you all day and the only time you're being in THE SPIRIT is when you're entering into THE HOLY GHOST and the only

time you're being in the flesh is when you're being in your definition of flesh. That's the deception. Whenever you're not in THE SPIRIT, you're in the flesh. Whenever you're not in the flesh, you're in THE SPIRIT, period! There's no in-between about it.

It's very important to pray before eating, because when you're eating and drinking, you're not in THE HOLY SPIRIT. The only thing you can eat in THE SPIRIT is The Communion, maybe Holy Water. Otherwise, you're always in the flesh. So, it's important to pray over that food to bless it, before you enter into your flesh and eat and drink, praise GOD ALMIGHTY YESHUA that you have food when you're done and get back into THE SPIRIT.

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